The Snowman

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Elements Presents “Snowy Christmas Carnival

Date: 16 November, 2017 - 31 December, 2017
Event Location: Elements Mall, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Join us this Christmas as ELEMENTS is transformed into a scene from The Snowman and The Snowdog, celebrating 30 years of this classic British animation! Using 200,000 hand-drawn images, this heart-warming story is a testament to everlasting love. Come and experience the adventure of flying across the sky to the frozen north, where a young boy called Billy builds a magical snowman and snowdog, who then take him to an annual snowman party to meet different snowmen from all over the world!

An inspirational kinetic lightshow, which features fabulous Christmas melodies, including a remix of music from The Snowman and The Snowdog artfully blended with a classic Christmas song, which has been created exclusively for ELEMENTS will be hosted as well.

Events at ELEMENTS include:

  • Local Designers Create a Winter Fantasy
In collaboration with two local fashion designers – Kenny Li and Margaret Lok – the Snowman and Snowdog have their fantastic new look. Kenny’s design is bold and exciting, using technology infused with creativity. Margaret, meanwhile, is adept at knit stylish clothing, bringing new warmth to these adorable characters. Come and find all these five innovative designs at different locations of the mall!
  • Wooden Christmas Music Box Workshop  
Have you ever thought of creating a music box? Using laser-cutting technology, you can easily create your own personalised music box, which you can also decorate in your favourite colours and style!
  • Snowman Lamp Workshop

In collaboration with professional lighting designer Grace Yu, this workshop offers you the chance to create your very own Snowman lamp for a truly warm and cosy Christmas. This unique Snowman lamp even glows in different colours when touched!

  • Family Storytelling Time  
ELEMENTS warmly invites parents and kids to the storytelling workshop, where they can spend quality time together learning about the story of The Snowman and Snowdog, a heart-warming tale of love and friendship. The sessions are hosted by renowned DJ Ada To and artist Michael Sharmon.
  • Meet the Snowman and Santa
Experience memorable moments at ELEMENTS, where the Snowman and Santa are both waiting to share the joy of Christmas with you!
  • Christmas Carolling and Performances All Around

Join us this Christmas as we celebrate with a series of fun-filled festive performances.